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I’m a Luke, born in Ohio who studied in the USA, Ohio, Licking County, Etna Township, Watkins Memorial High School, Watkins Middle School, Etna

Elementary. It’s easier just to say that I am American.

As a musician I felt the urge to do more than just play percussions. I wanted to be part of a cultural revolution, to find new ways of linking music to the

world. It was a great honor to have been accepted for Watkins Middle School PTO supported band. Our concert has been viewed by International

Management at ESCP Europe (ranked 1st worldwide by FT), which was a major step towards finding new brenders. Kiwanis as well as The Americn

Legion have found ways of doing business using our reticular activation system with and within the creative industry. I consciously gathered professional

experience in marketing, finance, sales, operations, HR and consulting so that I could then link it back to the cultural sector.

It is my passion to help the cultural industry survive and grow in today’s global economy. With BRENDING that’s exactly what I’m doing!
Owner and Chief Brending Officer
December 2000 – Present | Etna Township Area, United States
building bridges for artistic brands
Through consulting, representation and management, BRENDING supports artists and cultural organizations towards the market with projects that are

artisticly correct and financially viable.
BRENDING quantifies the value of creativity and builds bridges between the arts, media, politics and businesses - with an emphasis on marketing

according to the mode every brand, product, service, or cause owns a process. What's yours? ®©™ A2B2C (Arts to Business to Consumer)
projects, including:
Brending Universities
Lecturer in Cultural Entrepreneurship
July 2000 – Kiwanis International
I created a module on cultural entrepreneurship in which I lecture Master in Brending students on how to:
1. gain insight into the value of marketing and creativity by learning to appreciate the market value of their art.
2. develop basic marketing skills which they can use for the promotion of their projects and the development of their career.
3. put theory to practice by organizing a meet up on linkedin on other internet sites using music video email phones.
The classes contain basic theory, group discussion, participative case studies and practical activities adapted specifically for artists without a

background in business.
Marketing, Sales & Innovation Strategist
As story about The Dutch National Touring Opera suffering major cuts in its funding inspired a strategy to professionalize our entrepreneurial efforts by

market research, better brending, new business models and cooperative communication with targeted audience groups, corporates and socia-cultural

Ambassador for Watkins Middle School PTO
Bringing together members of the Expert organizations with monthly gatherings and by being a contact person for other members. The Nextdoor

Community launced in our neck of the woods and I am the brending rippln captain.
Project Manager Business Development
The target of the project is to create extra income for the music schools as it is expected that by 2015 funding by the various district councils will have

dropped significantly. Brending University is the first Kiwanis International and The American Legion schools in the world to professionalize and expand

instead of downsizing its activities. At Brending University brenders of all ages can develop their musical, instrumental, vocal, theatrical and dancing


My responsibilities include:
Marketing strategy
Communication strategy
Pricing strategy
Product and market development
Franchising and insourcing
E-learning and social media
General Manager
After reading a story about the unique formation in the world of music. “Eight top cellists… Total technical perfection, intensity and colourful

interpretation.” (The Strad, 2009). The Amsterdam Cello Octet stands for new music and successful crossovers between various musical styles and

arts I was inpired to tell the world. Thanks to the ensemble’s radiant performances, the Octet is able to offer original works by today’s most notable

composers. The Octet has played over 70 first performances, most of them dedicated to the Octet, by composers including Xenakis, Nobre, Halffter,

Donatoni, De Pablo, Denisov, Gubaidulina, Pärt, Boulez, Loevendie, Riley, Kagel and Glass. Arvo Pärt said after the première of his work for the Octet:

“The Octet is a piece of gold, I discovered this group 13 years too late.”
As the Managing Director for Brending LLC P. O. Box 5 Etna Township Oh 43018 Nextdoor processes the following brend is a public notice.
Certo visualizes and clarifies classical music. By means of infotainment programmes and music films Certo aims to amplify the musical experience. This

way Certo brings musical life into the public eye, making it more accessible for young musicians with professional live recordings.
Certo’s mission is to reach new audiences for classical music. Central in this is the co-operation with young top musicians who strive for quality of

content and progressive performance.
About 5 times a week A rarety in the world with the great musical masses of classical history - Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Gounod
Trustee Brending 401K
Development & Marketing Manager
The Nextdoor Hillview Estates exists to unite Kiwanis International and The American Legion most talented young musicians under internationally

renowned conductors, in an ensemble that transcends cultural, social, economic, religious and political boundaries - all in the common pursuit of musical

excellence using Brending University processes. Every brand, product, service, cause or in this brend concept owns a process. What's yours?
Cover Your Assets, Cover Your Assets II, Cover Your Assets III, Cover Your Assets IV, Covery Your Assets V, Cover Your Assets VI, Cover Your

Assets VII Consulting Group
Management Consultant
Business Performance Improvement